picture the steriheelSafety lancet incision in the heel of newborn

Fast and controlled movement

Low penetration

Optimal blood flow

Less pain and trauma

The safety lancet Steriheel is a precision device for sample collection in neonates.

For good blood flow with minimum penetration depth.

Controlled and fast micro-blade and movement of the glide path of the crescent movement are designed to optimize blood flow while reducing pain and tissue trauma.




Advantages of SteriHeel lancet

Activation buttonExplanatory device performance photo sterilheel
Secured by the security tab.

No danger of chocking
Non-removable security tab.

User Safety
The blade is fully protected before and after use.

Easier handling
slip texture and one-hand operation.

User Convenience
Preloaded , button-activated design..

Patient safety
Only single use. Sterilized by gamma irrigation.

Patient comfort
Ultra sharp blade with high speed cutting ensures minimal trauma and rapid healing.




foto steps sterihill useInstructions for use

  1. Releasing the locking mechanism by pressing down the trigger security tab.
  2. Reference position for sampling blood of child bead.
  3. Lift the baby's foot to a suitable position, placing the blade slot flush heel site and activate the lancet.
  4. Collect blood sample with a capillary tube.




Primarily newborns and premature babies.
It may also be recommended for other applications where the depth of cut penetration and / or minimum compression of the tissue is important.



photo vitrex steriheelUse by color

Green » Preterm smaller
Depth of 0,65 mm and 1,40 mm incision length..

Orange » Preterm
Depth of 0,85 mm and 1,75 mm incision length..

Yellow » Neonates
Depth of 1 mm and 2,5 mm incision length..

Purple » Newborn great
Depth of 1,14 mm and 2,8 mm incision length..

Blue » Little boy
Depth of 2 mm and 3 mm incision length..