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Biometrics E-LINK Image
Biometrics E-LINK
Category: METRON
Category: METRON
Biometrics E-LINK
Biometrics E-LINK Image
Indications of use

Rehabilitation and evaluation system.

E-link system is a unique computerized rehabilitation and clinical evaluation for upper and lower member.

It has applications in neurological rehabilitation and orthopedic, exercise modules, evaluation, documentation, reporting and monitoring of the patient.

The E-link system consists of several modules as dynamometers and clamping claw, EMG sensors by feedback exercise, inclinometers for active exercises, unit resistance exercise hand / arm and force platforms.

The new generation E-link system uses wireless communication, for complete freedom of movement.

The software, entirely in Castilian, plus assessment protocols, It provides numerous exercises of strength and mobility controlling a number of fully configurable game according to the needs of each patient.

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Category: METRON
Biometrics DataLITE
Biometrics DataLITE Image

Acquisition system wireless data
The Datalite system consists of a small USB dongle that enables data reception up 16 wireless sensors (until 24 analog channels and 12 digital and), as EMG, goniómetros, dynamometers, accelerometers, etc. It is therefore a very flexible and scalable system that gives the user great freedom and great precision free from interference.

Easy to use, the sensors have a range of up 11 hours and a range of 40 meters, whose data can be displayed in real time on PC or Tablet.

ACL500 - accelerometer
Wireless Accelerometer for precise measurement of acceleration 3 axes.

Recharging station / receptor
The CA2 station allows to recharge 8 sensors simultaneously. The sensors have a range of up 12 Hours of use.

The receiver DG2, USB connection to PC or tablet, It allows communication with 16 sensors and has a range of 20 meters.

Biometrics analysis software is a complete signal processing software that allows visualization of real-time measurements and numerous calculation and analysis options, including a detailed help menu with tutorials for using both software and hardware.

key features
  • Registration for processing signals.
  • Open an unlimited number of files with the ability to synchronize time, allowing analysis of a large number of channels together.
  • Adjusting scales and zooms of the different signals independently.
  • Facilities to record or export files to other applications such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Spectrum.
  • Option to copy to clipboard graphics, scoreboards, etc.
  • Lot of calculations: highs, minimum, medias, exclusions, repetitions, frequencies ...
  • Filter signal processing: rectification, media, root mean square, speed, integration,scale, mids.
  • Exclusion filters very low frequency.
  • Synchronization with video.

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Category: METRON
Sensor Bittium FAROS
Sensor Bittium FAROS Image
Sensor Bittium FAROS
Versaltilidad final ECG

The new sensor Bittium Faros has the latest technology in a miniaturized ECG and super lightweight design.
The most popular applications are sensor lights Holter ECG Bittium, monitoring cardiac events, cardiac mobile telemetry and other uses in cardiology, occupational health, stress management and sports science.

Patented numerous employment options provide flexibility and extreme versatility for measuring up 3 ECG channels using disposable electrodes, pectoral belt or an electrode-Fix Fast

Cardiac navigator software
Holter Software Next Generation.

The Bittium Cardiac Navigator software is the ultimate solution for the analysis of Holter ECG. Its accessible graphics and intuitive navigation make it easy to handle for very efficient use in the analysis of multiple days of ECG.

  • Panel simple and intuitive control interface for quick editing and analysis
  • precise and detailed analysis atrial
  • QT and ST analysis
  • Analysis of heart rate variability
  • Arrhythmia analysis with overview and events strips
  • automatically detecting noise
  • Tool Smart clean-up for quick cleaning of the signal
  • Analysis Tool patient events
  • Local operation and networking (option cloud database) - DICOM and HL7 formats
  • Copletos graphical reports, numerical and descriptive
  • Plantillas QRS
  • Pacemaker analysis

Sophisticated analysis and QT atrial
The upper detection of the P wave, distribution segment PQ and QTc by severity, map display surface depolarization / repolarization and the information of the effects of changing the heart rate and QT times QP, They provide valuable information on all critical events and QT atriales. Locate any atrial abnormality or QT is now faster than ever.

predefined texts available with the possibility of editing and visual presentation of data provide everything needed for a complete and understandable. The user can select which pages and data included in the report.

The Bittium Cardiac Navigator software provides display and control panels in which all major ECG data are displayed at a glance and analysis. The friendly data visualization and rapid access by a click to the strips more complex arrhythmias and ECG data facilitates rapid interpretation and editing data and saves up to 50% analysis time.

Self-learning templates, erase a click T and P waves of high amplitude and Smart Clean-up tool allow data editing much faster, Forgetting the time traditionally devoted to editing templates. Reclassifying and delete beats has never been easier.


Application to display real-time ECG recording using bluetooth connection.

Besides tracing (until 3 channels), the application lets you configure many display settings as scales, number of channels, speed…

The application displays the ECG trace, heart rate, battery status and frequency sensor reading, In addition to offering audio beeps optionally beat.

Real-time monitoring of up 16 patients.

The Cardiac Rehab system consists of a series of sensors headlights ECG, housed in patients, emitting at real time and wirelessly ECG signal to a receiving unit connected to the PC.

The system software can monitor real-time records and incorporates warning alarms, so it is an ideal tool in cardiac rehabilitation centers.

The system provides safety and efficiency in cardiac rehabilitation for each patient showing:

  • heart rate
  • ECG
  • Changes in the ST segment
The Bittium ECG system uses the latest wireless technology for complete freedom of choice of different exercises in various training environments.

The ultra-light lights sensor design greatly facilitates its use and makes it ideal for capturing ECG tool cleanly and accurately in any situation

Data transfer Faros Bittium sensor system cardiac rehabilitation is done via Bluetooth with a range of up 100 meters.

Cardiac rehabilitation software provides very simple use features and graphics solutions that facilitate the preparation, measurement and reporting.

The ECG signal of each patient is synchronously and in real time and can be stored. ECG saved data can be exported in multiple formats for analysis of heart rate variability or even complete analysis of arrhythmias.

The system allows you to enter events during registration directly from the software or by pressing the button lights sensor.

Ability to set thresholds and alerts for heart rate and ST alerts for each patient individually for a safer exercise.

automated reports
Easily choose which events or alerts to be introduced in the patient report.

Each individual patient report includes:
  • Patient information and measurement summary
  • Trend heart rate and ST trend
  • Alertas ST
  • Heart rate alerts
  • ECG samples added and patient event
Category: METRON
Sistema Qualisys Miqus3
Sistema Qualisys Miqus3 Image
High-performance system motion analysis in 3 dimensions, Miqus3 chambers comprising.

The cameras Miqus3, High resolution and speed (2MP a 340Hz), along with the QTM software they offer a very robust and effective solution for motion analysis with total freedom to create models.

Records and calculates real-time data movement in 2D, 3D and 6 degrees of freedom (translation in 3 axes and 3 rotation angles) Quick and easy way, with an accuracy of tenths of a millimeter real.

The system is very flexible and easy to use and is calibrated dynamically 10 seconds.

The chambers are connected between them and to the computer via a single cable power / data, so no interfaces are required.

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Category: METRON

Medicapteurs platform WINPOD, It consists of more than 2300 pressure sensors superfine precision, allowing complete and thorough analysis of the plantar pressure, both statically, as dynamic and posturográfico (until 200 Hz).

It connects to the PC via a USB port or WiFi, weighs less than 7 quilos and given its reduced thickness of only 4 mm (step involving negligible), the need for additional platforms is avoided for use in dynamic mode, so it is entirely practical and portable.

The sensors have high sensitivity and a broad range of work, for viewing pressures of only 10g / cm2 and up to several kilos per cm2 with enormous precision.

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Category: METRON
Biometrics E-LINK Image
Biometrics E-LINK
Indicaciones de uso Sistema de rehabilitación y evaluación. E-link system is a unique computerized rehabilitation and clinical evaluation for member knew ... Read More
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Biometrics DataLITE Image
Biometrics DataLITE
DataLITE Sistema de adquisición de datos inalámbrico El sistema DataLite consiste en un pequeño dongle USB que permite la recepción de datos de hasta 16 sensores i... Read More
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Sensor Bittium FAROS Image
Sensor Bittium FAROS
Sensor Bittium FAROS Versaltilidad definitiva para ECG El nuevo sensor Bittium Faros dispone de la última tecnología en ECG en un diseño miniaturizado... Read More
Category: METRON
Sistema Qualisys Miqus3 Image
Sistema Qualisys Miqus3
High-performance system motion analysis in 3 dimensions, Miqus3 chambers comprising. The cameras Miqus3, High resolution and speed (2MP a 340Hz), along with the s ... Read More
Category: METRON
PLATAFORMA BAROPODOMÉTRICA La plataforma Medicapteurs WINPOD, It consists of more than 2300 pressure sensors superfine precision, which allows a complete and rigorous analysis ... Read More
Category: METRON